Text to Slug

A "Text to Slug" tool is a utility that converts text into a slug. A slug is a URL-friendly version of a text string that is used to identify and access web pages. The tool removes any special characters, spaces, and capital letters from the input text and replaces them with hyphens or underscores to create a clean, readable slug.

This tool is often used by website developers and bloggers to generate search engine-optimized URLs for their content. A well-structured slug can improve the search engine ranking of a web page and make it more accessible to users.

Some text to slug tools also offers additional features such as customizing the length of the slug, including or excluding specific words or characters and previewing the output before publishing it. The tool can be used for converting titles, headings, paragraphs, and any other text that needs to be included in a URL.

Overall, a Text to Slug tool is a simple yet useful tool that can save time and effort in creating SEO-friendly URLs for websites and online content.

Rohit Kumar

CEO / Co-Founder

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